Zombie Highway 2 Game For Android

Zombie Highway 2 Game For Android

On Zombie Highway 2, you can choose from over half a dozen different vehicles and a good range of weapons. In addition to trampling and crushing zombies under your wheels, you can also shoot them from the windows of your car. One good shot can save your life.

The control system in Zombie Highway 2 is simple and precise. When you press the virtual button on the screen, you can activate various stages such as shooting or turbo. You can move the vehicle with an accelerometer. It is also important to drive properly, as you usually have to get close to other cars and walls to move the corpse.


The game takes place in a fairly simple setup, which virtually wipes out humanity after a deadly virus spreads in the future. And unfortunately, people who suffer from the disease will not only die, but they turn into ugly animals who yearn only for the human brain. Depending on compatibility with the host, each virus can resize its zombie to different sizes with increasing powers.

You, as one of the few survivors, will have to travel to their destination on safe havens where humanity is abundant. But first, you have to go through dangerous roads where swarms of corpses roam in search of food.

You have your reliable van and the only gun that can cross dangerous areas. However, you must proceed. Who knows what will happen to you if you hesitate.

Be careful because zombies on the road can easily jump on your car and bend it easily. So make sure you either stay away from them or take them down quickly.

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Easy and intuitive control

To make the game less challenging for new gamers, Zombie Zombie Highway 2 includes simpler and better touch controls that you often see on popular racing themes such as Asphalt or Speed ​​Speed. That being said, you can use simple touch controls to get to the morgue. In addition, you are allowed to customize the controls according to your personal preferences. Choose between various tilt and tap options so that you can enjoy this amazing way in your own way.

Drive wisely to push the zombies

As you ride through the streets full of zombies, you’ll encounter hundreds of petty monsters who will try to chase you and meet you in your car, one way or another. You can smash them with your car or kill them with your guns. Also, you need to drive your car with your intelligent driving skills.

Dozens of different weapons to use

In addition, Zombie Highway 2 survivors can use their powerful guns to topple zombies. However, when you reach a higher level, your bullets and firepower will have limited effect. Therefore it is important to upgrade your weapons or you can buy a new one. Shoot each shot carefully so that you can get the most out of it.

Different zombies are threatening you

And of course, there will be many dirty and threatening zombies with different powers and abilities, who are always ready to chase you at any time. Find yourself fighting 11 different types of zombies with increasing powers. Make the most of what you have to do to get rid of the small things and shrewdly avoid those things that are the most difficult to deal with.

Accomplish multiple goals and reap tremendous rewards

In addition to testing their skills and abilities on the Survival Challenge, gamers are also allowed to take on many exciting goals in the game. Take time to complete them and you will be given some amazing rewards. With over 67 different things and lots of new updates, you will have a lot of fun with Zombie Highway 2

Select daily challenges and collect epic loot

And if you don’t have enough, there are dozens of exciting challenges every day that are always ready to take you. You participate in various activities as you plan epic loot with each challenge. Return to the game every day to unlock awesome challenges.

Never know what’s next

On mysterious and terrible roads, you will never know what will happen to you in these unknown paths. The randomly generated road will make it impossible for you to know what is going to happen. In this way increasing the amazing factors and making the game extremely enjoyable.

Choose between different cars

And to make your trip more exciting, the game features a variety of cars that you can choose from on your safe hideaway trip. That being said, there are currently 6 different cars with unique stats and features that you can pick up during your journey. Take out the zombies and collect coins so you can give better cars a better chance of survival.

Compete with gamers around the world for the best score

For those who want to test their survival skills and abilities, the game also comes with an online leaderboard where you can compete with each other for the best score. Find yourself in the first place to challenge your friends and other online gamers.

The graphics

Featuring stunning graphics and amazing visual effects, every second of the game will be a joy for Android gamers. On top, with simplified graphics and redundant gameplay, you can easily install the game on your low-end smartphone.

Sound / Music

With powerful soundtracks and enchanted sound effects, gamers on Zombie Highway 2 will completely immerse themselves in this awesome racing game.

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