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Boasting beautiful, hand-drawn animations and a re-orchestrated soundtrack, the cult classic returns with a unique blend of exploration, action, and adventure!
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May 29, 2019
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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap:

For those who are tired of modern 3D shooting or action games, it would not be a bad idea to enjoy old things. And what could be better than immersing yourself in the fun and relaxed retro gameplay of the 90’s? Learn more about Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap with our detailed information.

Latest Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Apk download


The game begins when you – a talented young man can perform with the task of finding and guiding a dangerous dragon. But did you know that little dragons are capable of sending curses on humans? In this way you feel cursed for half a human lizard instead of a Mecca dragon.

Go through the dragon’s trap to discover the situation as well as find ways to get yourself back to normal. Use all the enemies behind you and find the right drink to turn your back on.

As you progress in the game, you gain new energy that you never knew would exist. Discover the world of monsters and gain the ability to change different images. Make yourself a special animal, and get a taste of their energy.


Play games with different heroes

When you find yourself lost in the world of Monsterland, you will discover many different abilities. Use these incredible abilities to maximize your army during battle. This is the most important hero that you will be proud of:

Men can’t

This is your first instance when you are cursed by an evil body. But do not use it lightly as it allows you to set fire to the enemy. It can easily stop the monsters that get in the way, allowing you to deal with the boss quickly.

Mouse man

For those who want speed, the male mouse may be the best option. Even if you are young, your health is bad. However, it has the ability to act quickly to hide enemies. Plus, he can fight in safe places, and make him a great war hero

You can also climb walls and kill your enemies in different regions. And most importantly, make sure you play conservatively, as the little mouse does.

Piranha Mand

For underground projects, there must be a water change coating. That said, with Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, water photos will not disappoint you. Just go to Piranha Man so you can easily enjoy the fun underwater game. Fight the enemies, defeat their opponents and defeat them quickly.

The lion bites people

For those cards where there are a lot of monsters, it would be nice to have a character who can easily withstand enemy attacks and be charged without fear. With Sherman you are equipped with a huge block that can withstand any attack of the enemy. In addition, you can perform powerful swings that can guide your enemies in seconds.


Sometimes you can avoid trouble just by turning to Hawkman and getting yourself off the ground. However, do not assume that you are safe on the ground because the game also has a flying face.

Experience the reality in hell

During the game you will be introduced to the world of monster enemies (and friends). Enjoy many different jobs with all kinds of events. When you do a good job, you will find yourself on different cards with different settings, each of which will be very different from the others.

Fight mad dogs in a very exciting race

Here on Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap you are told about many bad things that can cause a lot of trouble if you do not know what to do with them. That said, they have their own special power with different emotions. Players can use special skills and abilities from each wall to interact with the next monster.

Buy everything you need in the store

Like any other RPG and platform game, you are allowed to make a series of in-store purchases. Equip your characters with great powers and weapons, buy spoiled and buffs to help you survive in the monster land.

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