Tap Titans Game For Android

Tap Titans Game For Android

Tap Titans is an RPG with minimal gameplay which is a classic feature of Cookie Clicker’s RPG (which consists mainly of repeated clicks on the screen) with the aesthetic nature of the mobile phone. Adds gaming system.

The battle system in Tap Titans is very simple: you have to quickly tap on the screen to attack your enemies. It is impossible to die. In fact, even if you don’t tap the screen, you can still win with the help of your teammates, who will lose every few seconds. But every time you tap, you hurt yourself and the goal of this game is to kill more and more enemies to get more and more money for maximum purchase.

With money you kill enemies, every tap on the screen can increase the damage you do. You can also buy additional partners that will hurt every few seconds, and you can also upgrade their options. Finally, you will also have special abilities that will allow you to deal with a lot of damage at the same time. Can be used

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The game takes place once in a peaceful land where people live in harmony. However, when an unknown demon makes his attack, things suddenly change. It is being said that during the conflicts brought by evil forces in this world many people were enslaved and lost their homes.

As our leader, you are trying to end the evils that destroy the land and its people. Raise your legendary blade and raise your head against enemies. Take control of your character, move around to savor the attacks cleverly and attack back when chances are.

Attack them with your powerful swing attacks. Release powerful skills and abilities to take on huge bosses. Collect patterns and items along the way to empower your characters. Give him strong leather to stand against evil forces. This state and its people demand peace.


Simple and addictive gameplay

It is rare to find such a simple and yet addictive game on the mobile platform. That being said, gamers on Tap Titans are offered with relatively simple controls in which you must control your characters to rotate and tap the screen to unlock epic attacks from enemies. Maybe the faster you tap, the faster your hero will attack his enemies. To advance in the game, simply bring down enemies that come between you and your path.

Discover exciting RPG gameplay through multiple levels
With Tape Titan, RPG fans will have the opportunity to experience the unique and satisfying RPG gameplay they have always wanted. Raise yourself to thousands of different levels with different difficulties. With thousands upon thousands of different levels to prove their skills, Tap Titans 2 gamers will find themselves enjoying the game to the maximum.

Give unique and powerful enemies

And of course, the path to your glory will not be safe because demons and titans will stand in your way. Each monster has its own unique powers and abilities that can cause you some serious problems. Use the taps to fight the mechanics so that you can reduce the enemies with your thunderbolt attacks and cleverly dodge your attacks. When you take down more than 60 different monsters and titans, choose endless claws.

Gather followers to help you on your journey

To help you in your noble cause, a whole circle of heroes and warriors have gathered under your banner. With their help, you’ll have a better chance of defeating bosses and monsters along the way.

Gather enough resources to help you on your journey and summon heroes. Choose from 33 different characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. Use their unique powers to get the most from dangerous titles and monsters.

Visit the vast land of Tap Titans

Tap Titans gamers are introduced to land extensively across the state. The circle of evil is now once again separated from the hands of evil. It is your job to know what it is and what it is about. Gather followers and defeat the demons to free the people.

Discover epic dungeons

For those who simply cannot get offline RPG gameplay, Tap Titans includes amazing features where gamers can spend time searching and finding awesome loot. Spend your time fighting cursed monsters and titans so that they don’t harm others by collecting loot along the way. Unlock as many treasures as you can. But make sure that what you feel is moving forward.

Enjoy online gameplay with gamers around the world

And if you find that offline challenges and campaigns are not so enjoyable, you will also be able to enjoy online gameplay on Tap Titans with gamers around the world. That being said, the game also includes exciting RPG tournaments, where online games can challenge each other in epic matches about who is the better hero. Win tournaments and collect great prizes.

Empower your heroes with weapons and patterns

Prepare your heroes for the ultimate challenge by collecting 33 valuable samples along the way. Empower your heroes using fine arts and abilities as well as art. The more you prepare, the better your chances when facing enemy bosses.

Earn your reputation as you progress in Titan

In addition, gamers can gain more power and fame by accumulating reputation points. That being said, the stronger you are, the better.

free to play

Despite all the interesting features, the game is currently free to play.

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