Skater Game For Android

Skating fans will now have a real chance to experience authentic skateboarding gameplay on their mobile devices. Discover the amazing world of skateboarding from the Skater team as you travel the streets or return to the ramp with your favorite skateboard.

This is the time for you to enjoy skateboarding and enjoy realistic experiences through Skater. Choose between a dozen different skateboards because you want to be free. Travel to many places and enjoy a variety of skating activities.


Skater provides gamers an authentic and realistic skateboarding experience that you would hardly see in any other game. Here, you can join the adventure of a brave novice skateboarder who wants to take his first steps in the sport and make it big and become a professional skateboarder.

With precise physics and easy controls, the game allows gamers to enjoy their favorite games to the max. In addition, you will find yourself having access to more than one skating gear and equipment. If you want to acquire professional skills then you have to spend time studying them.

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A game made by Skater and Skater

For the first time, Android gamers will have access to an enjoyable and accessible skateboarding game developed by professional Skaterers who already know a lot about the game. That being said, the game was created by Skater and is for skateboarding fans. With over 20 different skateboarding brands making the sport, you will certainly have access to a highly authentic and enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Easy and intuitive control

The game introduces gamers with a relatively simple control system making it highly accessible to new gamers. That being said, if you have some skateboarding experience, you will find the game quite easy and comfortable. Skater was created for in-touch touch screen experiments, using its own fingers to guide boards and perform tricks.

However, while the controls are fairly simple, it will take time for you to become truly efficient. That being said, the ability to have a good time is also important because you cannot stop without it. On top, it will take a lot of calculation and practice to get rid of good moves, this is not something that only simple controls can allow.

Perform all available tricks and stunts

In the Skater world, almost anything is possible. Touch-based controls give gamers access to a variety of street skateboarding techniques, including some basics and cutting-edge skills. Easily flip, olive or switch yourself to your favorite skateboard on Skater.

Also, with frequent updates, more and more new tricks and techniques will be introduced in the game. But in the meantime, why don’t you go ahead and come up with your new idea. However, you can do whatever you want with your board.

Record and share your runs

And if you want to brag about the amazing skateboard tricks your friends have drawn on your Skater, you can easily do so by using the Record option during each replay. Demonstrate your best technique on the board and earn yourself an epic score. And most importantly, you can watch or share it with your friends on video so that they too can do so.

Different skateboards for different brands

To help you become more comfortable with your skating, the game offers you dozens of different skateboards from many brands, each with its own characteristics and features. That being said, gamers can ride more than one board with a unique style of their own.

Many shoes and accessories to help you

In addition, you will have a variety of useful skateboarding gear and accessories. Choose from different types of footwear such as you choose the best pair of shoes from well-known brands like DGK, DC shoes, USA and so on. Have a variety of items to help you on your skateboarding journey.

Go on a legendary skating ride

And if you are a true fan of skateboarding, you will definitely find the game interesting. That being said, on Skater, players will have the opportunity to enjoy skateboarding at some of the most popular sports venues. Take a walk at Hollywood High, Leo Park, or do awesome activities at El Tori, Camp Woodward, and more. Take a look around the world in amazing landscapes, landscapes, graffiti art, and more.

Compete with online gamers for high scores

For those who believe in their skills and abilities, Skater also offers exciting online gameplay, allowing you to compete with real gamers in real time. Challenge each other in exciting PvP matches to see who is better.

Feel free to celebrate your way

And to make the game more interactive, gamers are allowed to choose their own unique style of celebration. Choose from dozens of exciting events created by famous skateboarders and make a choice for yourself. And if you want, you can easily change your celebration at any time.

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