Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP Game For Android

Monsters with Attitude Game For Android

Looking for something fun to spend your boring free time? Join thousands of other online players in this fun game of obsessive fighting and exciting adventures. Find out more with our Monsters with Attitude review.


Join a ridiculous group of powerful space creatures who travel through galaxies to destroy everything on their planet. Overcome different characters with different qualities and powers, go against each other in endless fun and exciting battles. Break stuff and grow up to control other animals and dominate the planet. Keep it on your plane and if you have lost your job then travel to another planet. The fun never ends with Monsters with Attitude.

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The gameplay

Compete with other players in the battle for survival

For single players, who are tired of playing single player games alone, Monsters with Attitude will definitely be your next favorite game on Android devices. With exciting multiplayer gameplay that supports up to 8 players in PvP matchups, you can enjoy endless fun and excitement with this game.

Race on a massive sandbox map, go around breaking things and collect items to grow. The larger your size. You will get maximum advantage over other players. They gain strength through defeat and plunder. Apart from the increase, a larger size also allows you to eliminate some obstacles that are much larger and more rigid.

You can either go into contention mode – in which you sink into any battle to gain bonuses and rewards by defeating your opponents, or go into hiding mode – where you can hide from larger opponents. Pay attention and collect maximum rewards. . Make sure you are the biggest monster on the field to win the finals.

Build your team and enjoy the game with friends

The best thing about Monster with Attitude is that the game can be played online, where you go against other real players. You will compete with other players in exciting online battles, where you have to limit your skills.

To earn points, you can add others to interesting ranking matches that can enhance your current position on the leaderboard. You will also have the option to team up with your friends and compete with a team competing against another. However, keep in mind that this game is about ultimate survival, so if your friends decide to beat you, you have to watch your back as well.

For one of your life, break!

You may not see this activity often, so when you are in the game, you want to break to your heart’s content. Put your characters in different parts of the planet, break cities, break oceans, break mountains, etc. Until the planet is completely destroyed, it will never end. And since not all of the damage is real, you can break down as an effective way to reduce stress and fatigue.

Lots of upgrades and customization features

On Monsters with Attitude, there are many ways to benefit from things you have developed and collected. In general, the more energy you can store from destroyed structures, including cities, forests and mountains, the more energy you will store. And for many, the preferred method is to collide in a chaotic war between giant monsters.

To help you in your battles, you’ll have access to dozens of disabled skills as well as promotions that can be used to increase your strength throughout the game. Apart from additions, you can also upgrade your monsters at the beginning of the game to give it better stats. Therefore, you will have a lot of advantages over other players.

And if you want to get your hands on the most valuable prizes, then you have to increase your position on the leader board by getting more points through the ranking rankings.

Feel free to hit the destructive planets

All the structures on the map are destructive, so you can feel free to break anything in your vision to gain energy. Gradually, you will grow larger and larger to the point where you can be seen from the outer space. At this point, even the planet is not protected by its power. However, finding and killing other players is important as you will not benefit from destroying the planet.

Accessible gameplay with easy controls

The game is very easy to learn thanks to its simple gameplay and comfortable control mechanics. You can get accustomed to the gameplay quickly and enjoy playing monsters with monsters. However, this does not mean that you can be efficient in a very short period of time.

Conversely, with a lot of tactical aspects, as well as an evolving gameplay, you have to spend a lot of time mastering the game. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. However, keep trying to be the best and you will become one.

Various monsters with interesting abilities

And to enhance gameplay, players will have access to dozens of different game-worthy monsters, each with their own exciting abilities. It gives each player a special role in battle and various ways to upgrade their demons. Therefore, you can develop a strategy different from the upgrade routes.

Needless to say, different monsters with different abilities make the game even more exciting as you have to fight different attacks from different directions. In addition, you can always change your playing style by changing the monster, thus making the game more exciting.

free to play

Despite all the cool features, the game is still free to download and install. In fact, it only takes you a few minutes to get it from the Google Play Store. This allows more players to reach into the game, allowing more opponents to participate.

And although it does offer some in-app purchases, they are not mandatory and will not have a major impact on your matches.

The graphics

The game has friendly cartoon graphics that make the game suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, priceless destructive effects cause a lot of chaos when you go into battle. Therefore, you can dive into the process without any idea of ​​time and place.

The most in-demand game, Monster Monster, still performs well on most devices. However, older devices may experience some breakdown or roughness during heavy scenes.

Sound / Music

The precise sound effects make the fight and combat very attractive. You can literally feel like a space monster breaking everything in its path on some planets.

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