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From the studio that brought you Overwatch® and World of Warcraft®, comes HEARTHSTONE®, Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning collectable card game! Collect powerful cards and create mighty decks. Summon minions and sling spells to seize control of an ever-shifting battlegrounds. Wield a masterful strategy and defeat all players who dare challenge you.
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February 9, 2021
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Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum:

The world of the best card games is back and ready to show off the last extension of the ball. Mobile gamers, make sure that Hartstone is ready for a brand new adventure. Join the millions of online players in the award-winning gaming community when we look at Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum. Learn more about the game with our reviews.

Latest Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum Apk download


In Hartstone’s world, where many kinds of animals live, war and bloodshed almost come to a point where everyone thinks only of themselves. And for the development of their group, it is necessary for them to overcome others through war.

And in places where even creatures come with incredible power and magic, war can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, there is a need for a ruler in this region who has unrealistic power, who can overcome even the heaviest rankings.


Take a look at the growing world of Hartstone

Here at Health Stone Savior of Aldam, players will have the opportunity to explore a vast world of heroes, monsters, exotic animals and more. Build your own deck and let your hero fight against the enemies so that you get a good reward.

As the world progresses, the game introduces you to many famous heroes and enemies in the Blizzard universe. Start by facing the mighty Dinewood in the jungle, or claim the Death Night Throne, and get the Frozen Nights under your control. Travel to In Guru and see the secret world of dinosaurs and ancient magic.

And with this next expansion, Aldum’s Poverty will introduce you to a vast world of new places, missions, characters and more. Don’t be discouraged by Aldam to Hartstone Savior.

Simple but habitual fighting card

To get started, there will be plenty of tips to guide you through the stages. That way, you don’t have to worry about the game’s features. The more you know the game, the more you will know, and the more you will find it.

Screenshot on Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum

That said, you can defeat your enemies by controlling your deck and making strong card calls. Release incredible combinations in high-speed battles, and take advantage of your proximity. Write strong tires that rely on the strength of your members and win them over.

Join online games from around the world with online games

And to make the game more interesting, players will have their own way to compete with online gamblers from all over the world through a lot of exciting games. That said, you can bet on your friends or an online player in the game. Cut to the chase and learn more about magic as you spend time with Aldum’s Hartstone rescuers.

The game also features real-time tournaments where players can participate and challenge online players for prizes. Needless to say, war will be the best place to release your energy. Defeat your enemies and climb to the top of the rankings.

Play the game as the famous hero of the game universe

Here at Aldham’s Hartstone Saviors, players are introduced to some of the most famous characters in the Warcraft universe, from The Kick, Aladdin Storm, among others. You buy all your favorite characters that you can play with.

In addition, each character will have access to different powers and abilities that are different from each other. That way, your hero will have more characters when you fight. You can use your attacks to counter the damage inflicted on your enemies or defend your allies with incredible defensive abilities.

Discover strong lists, such as using different pens

And not only the intelligence of the blizzard universe, Aldum’s Hartstone Saviors also comes with a number of powerful characters including movies, spells, magic and much more. Each card comes with its own unique design that makes them all useful in your game. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Discover the Sports Goal Tournament with one goal

And if you’re not happy with the online game or just want to improve your experience before playing with the big boys, Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum is definitely the game you’re looking for because it includes offline games as well. That said, players can enjoy a unique process in the game that not only gives you satisfaction but also rewards you. Complete the challenges and earn yourself a good reward.

Play anytime, anywhere

And as you know, Aldum’s Hartstone Saviors is also a multi-platform game, which means you can play it on multiple devices like your laptop, cell phone or PC if you need to. All of your campaigns have been saved online, so the next time you sign in, everything you save will be saved on your device. So wherever you are or play with you, Hartstone is still there for you.

Play in your own language again

We all want your favorite game to be in your favorite language. However, this is not always the case because the developer only supports one or two major languages. Well, with Harthstone, players from all over the world can enjoy their favorite sport at any time. That said, the game currently has English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and more. Never get caught up in bad things again with Hearthstone: Saviours of Uldum.


Although each feature is unique, it is now free to play on Android players. That way, you can easily download the game and install it on your streaming device at no cost. And although the game has an app market, most of them can only be customized because your gaming experience is not affected. Enjoy this free and open game with Aldam’s Hartstone Saviors.

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What's new

35 CARD MINI-SET IS LIVE – The first ever Mini-Set, Darkmoon Races, introduces 35 all-new collectible cards that revisit familiar keywords and mechanics from the Year of the Phoenix!

DUELS MID-SEASON UPDATE – Duels is getting a major update featuring 10 new Hero Powers, 31 new Treasures, and the addition of the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set to the pool of eligible cards!

For full patch notes visit www.playhearthstone.com


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