Deer Hunter Classic Game For Android

Deer Hunter Classic Game For Android

Deer Hunter Classic is part of one of the most popular hunting game franchises in history, with more than a dozen releases from various platforms including PC, Xbox 360 and Wii. As expected, this latest release for Android is very well prepared.

Although most of your time will be spent on deer hunters in the countryside, poaching your prey and firing at just the right time, pre-preparation is essential. In this regard, the most interesting feature gives you various options when configuring your rifle, including attaching various scoops, ammunition clips, etc.


The game introduces you to the sport of hunting on a large scale, where you will have the opportunity to step into the world’s most exotic landscapes. Experience your hunting skills and knowledge on a wide variety of terrains and setups. Enjoy the most realistic hunting experience in this amazing FPS shooter title.

It is a wild game of hunting or hunting. You will find yourself surrounded by many different animals that may look cool, but if they feel threatened, they will all become deadly hunting machines. So hurry for your goals and shots if you don’t want to turn yourself into their juicy target.

Everything can happen in this real-time hunting game and it happens relatively quickly. Make sure you gather the most useful weapons along with honoring your skills.

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Simple and addictive gameplay

The game has simple and intuitive touch controls that give gamers an accessible and addictive game. Find yourself navigating, aiming, pulling the trigger, and pulling the animal down in seconds. Needless to say, rich gameplay and profitable looting will keep you running for hours.

Travel to many places around the world

Deer Hunter Classic users will not be able to limit themselves in some places. In fact, you will have the opportunity to pack your bags and travel to over 60 different locations worldwide. You enjoy hunting in many landscapes and areas during this epic hunting season, picking up your guns and rifles. Experience hunting in completely different environments and situations with Deer Hunter Classic.

Compete against all kinds of animals and species

And when you travel the world, you will be introduced to many exotic species that are found only in extreme conditions. With over 100 different species of animals scattered around the world, you are advised to have many interesting experiences while hunting in the wild. But beware, in nature, not everything is as friendly as the rabbit or deer you have always seen. In fact, if you shoot any hunter, you can easily lose your life.

Load your weapons with all types of weapons

Time to reach the peak with all types of weapons depicted in this game. Choose your favorite guns, mouns and hobbies before going beyond the hunting experience. Spend time and perfect your techniques so that you can become the best victim.

Apart from additions, the game also has many equipment that you may find useful while hunting. Use your range, stocks, barrels, magazines against wild animals. Experiment with your prey to the next level.

And most importantly, all weapons and equipment in the game are fully customizable. So, you can customize your favorite guns using all kinds of options. Or upgrade your power and effectiveness to the game’s awesome leather.

Collect various trophies to boast about your achievements

For those who want to get something they can use to brag to their friends, Deer Hunter Classic also includes trophy hunting where you can complete the ultimate hunting challenges. Win yourself a great trophy and engrave your name on it. Use it to brag to your friends.

Participate in various hunting activities

The game offers all kinds of hunting activities, with which you can spend time and enjoy. That being said, you can join the hunting chain and take up all kinds of missions. Or test your skills and abilities on the competitive Challenger Series. And if you want to make some quick money, the game also offers a number of hunting deals, which you can take at any time and eliminate huge loot.

Complete all kinds of hunting challenges and unlock big loot

The game presents fantastic challenges that you can complete to unlock amazing loot. These challenges vary in rules and regulations, so be sure to enjoy them thoroughly. Not to mention the juicy award is certainly undisputed.

Join the online hunting community and enjoy with friends

And if you want to join the online hunting community, you can easily find yourself in Deer Hunter Classic’s Club Hunt. That being said, this is where you will learn to work hunter and discover the power of teamwork.

Work together and don’t just think for yourself. Complete the challenges and prepare your team for the toughest challenges. And yes, this is also where you can find epic loot that is not available anywhere else.

free to play

To enjoy, simply download and install the game on your mobile from the Google Play Store. However, in-app purchases and advertisements can be a bit annoying if you want to make further progress.

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