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Featuring the original dark silhouette, yet vibrant graphics, this is the official sequel to Dark Sword.
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March 20, 2020
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Dark Sword 2:

Dark Sword 2 is a 2D game where players control a group of cybernetic warriors called ‘Fatimas’. Fight every Fatima with a machine all over the world. As you move forward to defeat your enemies, you must improve your abilities and improve the abilities of your hero.

Refer to each level with your character from left to right on the animated screen. Avoid special attack skills and keep them alive. Some of the best moves in the game are blocked from the start, but as you progress, you open up new threats against your enemy. Also, if you wish, you will be able to format automatically.

On Dark Sword 2 you will find more than 100 different places full of all kinds of robots and animals. Also, if you change the difficulty level in each game, you can adjust the game according to your skill level (or according to your Fatima’s skill level).

Latest Dark Sword 2 Apk download


Sports benefit from future advances where human performance in the use of technology has enabled us to develop intelligent robots. Together they serve their master well in our lives.

But like other popular sci-fi movies, things get ugly fast. The machine crashed a bit and started attracting people. They started for everyone in the world and put them in jail. Anyone who protests will be expelled without trial. But there is still hope, because more groups are still fighting robots, in the hope that one day we will regain our freedom.

On the trip you will take part in the attack with the female cyborg Fatima. Bring Satan and make peace in the world. The destiny of mankind is in your hands.



Play games with different characters

Don’t be sad while following the same old habits on Dark Sword 2. Choose from a large collection of different characters, each with your own strengths and abilities.

Enemies and go your own way, choose the right characters for your team. In addition, gamers have their own way of discovering each character’s differences and using them to provide different videos.

Here on Dark Sword 2 you will be able to share stories that keep you entertained. Investigate more than 100 missions with powerful enemies and epic monsters. Dress up the big boys with incredible size and earn your own treasure. Use gifts and give your Fatima various upgrades.

Enjoy the game with Swing Travel

Get ready to enjoy the game in full screen with Dark Sword 2 as the game allows you to play with or without internet connection. Just reach for your phone, open Dark Sword 2, then you can start enjoying the game wherever you are. Play offline games without any hassle. And when you get back online, all your success is saved online. However, make sure you don’t lose your money.

However, keep in mind that you still need a secure internet connection to download and store content in your game. Also, when playing offline, some online games may not be available.

Check the power consumption in depth

And to make their heroes more powerful, players will have the opportunity to explore the Fatima system, which includes important updates. You can support AI to make your characters more capable of fighting even if you don’t control them. Upgrade your feature capabilities, install new plugins and Insignia to give them new power. In addition, you can increase the power of your heroes by combining new plugins together.

Players on Dark Sword 2 will proudly control their emotional content. With a well-organized system and improved touch control, you can easily take part in combat. Enjoy hack and slash gameplay with easy controls as you launch powerful skill moves against enemies, increasing your fast access to more options to sniff out their attacks.

Fun and intense use

Discover the fun and experience of mechanical combat while enjoying the constant and exciting action. Form 3 teams and fight your opponents at the end of the battles. When your hero falls short on HP, just take him off the battlefield and replace him with a new one. Theft and crashes will not stop until you decide to do so.

Fill your Fatima with useful ingredients and products

In addition, you can activate your Fatima Cybergs using various upgrades, to give them new strengths and abilities. Or develop new weapons to defend yourself and support crime. And most importantly, use the best effective tools against your enemies.

The craft is unique and strong

After a match, in addition to items and equipment found by your enemies, players can also create different and powerful items using different items and patterns. Learn handicrafts as you get stronger. Use your equipment and transform your team into a uniform.

And to allow gamers to enjoy an in-game experience, Dark Sword 2 introduces gamers to online activities. That said, you can work with your friends in a variety of collaborations. Use the epic bosses, use your collections and collect important rewards.

Additionally, you can compete with other people on the board. When you get to the top of the rankings, win against the best players in the world.


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