Daggerhood Game For Android

Daggerhood Game For Android

Looking for a good platform to enjoy your smartphone? Okay, don’t look any more. With Daggerhood, gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy epic side scrolling and platform gameplay anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices. Learn more about this amazing game of Crescent Moon games with our review.


In a world where money is ruled by unhappy farmers, life has never been kind, especially when you are at the bottom of society. In poverty and despair, they cry for help. And there is one who will answer their prayers.

This is Vincent de Daggerhood, our beloved hero in such a corrupt world, the only person who has the heart and ability to save and free people from their lives. He was praised all over the country, stealing all goods from money and looting people.

And that is not what princes need. Therefore, they have started a conspiracy against it. But none of his evil plans worked on this intelligent young man. And thus, they targeted his weaknesses, these are the people who were threatening to kill innocent people until he caught them.

And our heroes, knowing that there is a trap everywhere and that the guards are ready to catch him, will still risk themselves to save the weak. Thus, he was arrested by the royal court and sent into exile.

Our hero was thrown into the Angel Cave where not a single person returned as punishment for his so-called crimes. However, despite the difficulties, Daggerhood still manages to survive under the caves and is finding its way.

Follow his journey as he takes the demons inside the cave and returns to the surface. Revenge your epic by killing the royal treasure.

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Enjoy a fascinating story

Everyone loves a good story. And what could be more amazing in your life as a hero to help you defeat wealth and distribute your illicit wealth among people? Follow our hero’s journey as he overcame innumerable challenges in achieving his ideal.

Enjoy a fascinating story with a series of events that really tell you what happened. Overcome adversity to bring peace and prosperity to the people connected with the land.

Easy and intuitive control

The game has a simple yet intuitive control system, in which the player can easily rotate his hero and attack enemies. Controls You will find customized touch screen controls extremely intuitive and fun as it really helps you immerse yourself in the gameplay.

An epic stage with good balance

On Daggerhood, players are introduced to many new stage elements. You can go under a wall to get yourself to the ground safely. Use double jump mechanics to help you get to different places.

And most importantly, the game allows you to quickly teleport to various locations on maps using a flying dagger. All you have to do is move the dagger to its current position and press the title button.

This helps the gamer overcome major obstacles that have been impossible to overcome in the past if you are familiar with traditional mechanics.

Start a wonderful adventure

Follow your entire journey, you will travel in 5 unique worlds with completely different elements. With over 100 levels in total, players will enjoy this amazing game. In each world, you have to fight against a big boss who can make any man alive easily. However, as our hero, you can definitely beat them.

In addition, new mechanics will be introduced, with a different world, giving gamers different perspectives about the game.

Collect items and dashes from enemies to finish your level

In each level, the player must score points against various obstacles. Make sure you can collect and dash all items from enemy attacks, especially with the help of a teleporting dagger. At some level, you need to collect some items from the past, so don’t take it lightly.

Power to strengthen and sharpen your daggers

Since daggers are one of your most powerful tools, it is appropriate that we want it to be stronger and faster. On Daggerhood, players can get some promotion to make Vincent’s dagger faster and stronger. That being said, you can break the rocks with your dagger, so that you can reach your finish line quickly.

Fight monsters and animals as you take it to the next level

In this game, players are introduced into a whole new world, where alien monsters dominate both Earth and Sky.

Go to different challenges and earn epic rewards

With each level, players are introduced to the various challenges they wish to complete in order to earn epic rewards as well as complete this level. Make sure you have everything you need to make it big in the Daggerhood world. Sometimes, you also have to collect treasures and fairies to get unique rewards.

The graphics

Bring back your childhood memories from the legendary side scrolling game as you engage in simple and familiar 8-bit graphics. Enjoy the retro gaming experience with interactive mechanics and realistic physics.

Furthermore, with relatively simple graphics, the game allows players to enjoy the game on most of their Android devices without disturbing them.

Sound / Music

With retro sounds in nostalgia, Daggerhood players will have the opportunity to enjoy iconic 8-bit music and sound effects that have been familiar for a long time.

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