Call of Mini: Zombies Game For Android

Call of Mini: Zombies Game For Android

The quiet city population has been infected by a virus that has turned the entire world into an indie. Your mission is to survive as long as possible without leaving the zombie army.

The gameplay is very simple: you have to walk around the city and try to kill all the victims before killing them. To do this, you have a weapon as well as several zombie kill kits: bombs, machine guns, shotguns … test destructive powers using all these killer means. .

To keep it alive until the next day. You have to set health goals, waste no bullets, ration your health field and search for all possible enemies. Make sure you know everything around you and you will be on Call of Mini: Zombies another day.


In this game, gamers will find themselves as the only survivors in their neighborhood when the majority of the population turned into brainless monsters after the devastating virus spread. Just to survive, you are now being attacked by zombies from all directions. Time to grab your mighty guns and break the hell out of them

Since your friends and family have not all turned into zombies, you are absolutely alone. Do not fight for someone else instead of your existence. Fight for your life taking you down evil zombies in epic FPS challenges. Find out if you can survive until the zombie hordes can finally save you, or you can beat them and get to a safe place.

Join millions of online gamers as they revel in Call of Mini: Zombies’s latest online zombie shooter challenges. Collect legions of your friends or random online gamers as you join forces to defeat zombies in epic co-op missions. Or if you prefer, you can challenge each other in addictive PvP challenges.

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Simple and addictive shooter gameplay

To begin with, the game introduces Android gamers with simple and intuitive controls that allow you to quickly become familiar with shooting mechanics. That being said, you are free to move and follow the correct shots with virtual buttons and swipe gestures. Furthermore, the gameplay itself is highly addictive and enjoyable with refreshing graphics and exciting zombies.

Different types of weapons are available with different powers.

Call of Mini: Zombies parties feature dirty zombies, fast and light assault rifles, powerful and accurate automatic rifles, powerful shot guns and a destructive armlet, with a full arsenal of different weapons to choose from. I will enjoy it very much way to

In addition to extras, you are also allowed to have a variety of armor with unique effects to defend yourself from enemy attacks. Feel free to choose the best defense so that you can feel confident in your survival challenges with zombies.

And most importantly, whatever weapons and armor are given to you can also be upgraded to increase their power and ability. That being said, you can fire faster, more powerful and accurate shots from your guns or unlock their uniqueness with enough upgrades. The same goes for fully upgraded coaches that can easily protect you from zombie attacks.

Collect unique characters with amazing powers

With powerful weapons and armor, you are also allowed to choose between different characters to engage in your zombie killing challenges. That being said, you can start with Joe Blue. Our general character who has no special powers then goes to the worker – a jumping elephant with amazing power that allows him to easily carry various weapons, nerds – who have amazing aiming abilities. The boss, the Doctor – with the amazing “healing element” that adds to their HP overtime, and finally, our BEF – our supernatural soldiers who have the ability to buff in all aspects.

Therefore, with a variety of different characters, featuring their unique powers and abilities, you will have a lot of fun and enjoy the zombie shooter challenge. Especially when you have the legendary B.E.A.F. But who will take the corpse down with their bare hands.

Capture zombies in increasing challenges

And as you join the game, you’ll be introduced to the epic zombie shooter challenge where your main goal is to avoid daily zombie attacks. Starting on the first day where there is only a minor attack, you will need to move through the most difficult levels.

Work hard to collect the gold so that you can take down the zombies more efficiently. And always be prepared for the worst situations where you will encounter epic bosses.

Or take them to the epic PvP battle

And if you want to compete with other online gamers, interesting PvP battles will be quite enjoyable for you. Here, you can compete in other sports around the world in your incredible shootout where only the best can compete. Challenge them in hierarchical battles and climb the leaderboards to become the best zombie killer in the world.

Join your zombie challenges with friends and online gamers

Game of Thrones gamers can join forces with friends and online gamers in an exciting co-op battle to tackle more challenging zombie gameplay. Play together as a team so that you can deal with zombies more efficiently. Remove epic bosses and collect great loot for every member on Call of Mini: Zombies.

free to play

And despite all the exciting features available in the game, Call of Mini: Zombies is free for all Android gamers to enjoy.

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