Call of Mini Infinity Game For Android

Call of Mini Infinity Game For Android

Call of Mini Infinity is a third-person multiplayer shooter where you can compete online against players from all over the world.

It’s not just that the character design is reminiscent of Microsoft’s legendary franchise.

When you are not fighting, you have the opportunity to customize your character with different coaches, helmets and weapons. Naturally all types of weapons are available: sniper rifles, rocket launchers, machine guns, etc.

And your team isn’t the only thing that can help you – you can select and use many special abilities and skills, which can mean the difference between winning and losing in an online fight. choose wisely.


The game takes place in an era where humanity has already reached an unimaginable level of technology. It gives us the ability to explore the universe as well as live a happy life. However, it puts a lot of stress on our planet, which has already worsened due to industrial activity.

For this, mankind will have to start looking for a new home, where we can rebuild our population. Fortunately, about 35 years ago, an expedition fleet discovered a new planet called Caron and encountered living conditions like Earth. Therefore, a rehabilitation plan has been prepared so that we can move quickly to our new planet.

However, this is not a minor matter and we will face a lot of trouble. And although the planet is still young and has no intelligent species on it, many foreigners still consider it the land of their dreams. Hence civil war broke out between civilizations.

As the commander of an expedition from the ground up, your job is to establish your headquarters, build a stronghold and conquer the planet. Control the whole planet so that we can start our rehabilitation plan.

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Enjoyable 3D shooter gameplay

It has been a while for Android gamers to access such enjoyable 3D shooter gameplay. That being said, Call of Mini Infinity introduces you to the exciting features of classic shooter titles and more.

Addictive game mode, along with smooth and satisfying gameplay, at once leaves your phone almost impossible for you.

Thrilling and thrilling fight

Experience smooth and easy touch controls as you are free to move and free your enemies with your powerful weapons. Challenge as many alien enemies on the planet as you can in many battles.

Dozens of different weapons with different powers

To begin with, Android gamers will have access to future awesome weapons. Here, you can pick up all kinds of powerful and useful firepower, which can be used to make your enemies fall easily. Each weapon has its own uses and unique powers that you can use. And depending on your fighting style, there will be different types of weapons that will suit your needs.

Use useful gear and equipment to help combat enemies

At the top, Call of Mini also uses dozens of useful gear and equipment for heroes. That being said, you will find these amazing pieces of equipment extremely useful, especially when you are dealing with tough enemies. They will give you the same undisputed advantage against opponents as you are.

Use your unique skills and abilities to eliminate enemies

In addition to collecting their weapons and equipment, Call of Mini Infinity also allows gamers to use the unique abilities of each hero to help them fight. With a wide variety of skills, you are free to choose the best hero for yourself.

In addition, you can learn new abilities, which give you and your team amazing girls during battles. Choose an incredible ability to learn and adapt your way of fighting them.

Multiple maps with unique gameplay

As you spend time exploring the planet and fight alien enemies, you and your army will find yourself trapped on more than one planet. Here, you can challenge your opponents in different maps featuring unique landscapes and scenarios. Enjoy epic battles with unique gameplay yourself everywhere.

Join friends on an exciting co-op mission

And with the single player campaign, gamers on Call of Mini Infinity can also enjoy exciting multiplayer co-op missions with their friends. Here, you can join forces and face the toughest challenges. You have to face the armies of foreign soldiers and their frightened masters.

Challenge gamers in all epic online battles

And if you want to take on online challenges, the game also offers exciting online gameplay where you can go up against online gamers around the world. Challenge the best shooters in the Epic Challenge where you will compete against each other in real-time PvP shooting gameplay. Enjoy smooth and satisfying shooter challenges with the best gamers in the world.

Experience the challenges of addiction

Here, you can make your ultimate guild with amazing friends, and together, you will have the power to conquer the entire world. Take exciting guild challenges as you slowly build your reputation as the world’s best guild.

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