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Best Arc Launcher For Android Phone

Best Arc Launcher For Android Phone

I need to dispatch the application right away! In any case, have you at any point had sufficient energy to sit idle attempting to discover an application?

Typically, when propelling the android application, I feel that I am searching for an application that I need to begin and come back to the home screen once. In any case, I imagine that there are numerous encounters with experiencing issues finding the application that I need to dispatch. It is this application to cut such hardships and inefficient time!

By utilizing this application, you can pre-register every now and again utilized applications and alternate ways, show them quickly and begin them. Moreover, as an element of this application, ‘show of utilization list’ ~ ‘actuation’ is finished with just 1 swipe ! Additionally, since the application rundown is a fan-formed by the development of the thumb, the activity with the thumb is exceptionally simple.

As a helpful proposal work, it is ‘a capacity to enlist a showed launcher as is’ or ‘page turning capacity’. Association is conceivable on the page. Additionally, utilizing ‘alternate route’, companions of LINE can likewise call legitimately.

  •  Free time for testing for 30 days. (After the preliminary is as yet accessible inside 4 things)
  •  Folding fan is famous in Japan and the fans.

Enlistment Type:

  1. Application
  2. Shortcut
  3. Back, Home, History, Notification bar
  4. Flashlight On/Off
  5. Wi-Fi Bluetooth On/Off
  6. Recent applications that you use
  7. Media volume/quiet
  8. Ringtone exchanging
  9. Brightness level
  10. Empty space
  11. Feed page
  12. Best Arc Launcher For Android Phone
    Best Arc Launcher For Android Phone


✓ Position of begin region

✓ Quick Menu

✓ Landscape Enable/Disable

✓ Amount of hauls to show launcher

✓ During console show Enable/Disable

✓ Blacklist

✓ Change of enthusiast of shape and shading

✓ Change title

✓ Change symbol

✓ Easy Setup

About Phone Permission:

This application possesses just consent to make an immediate call by the easy route.

This application does not approach consent to peruse call logs and contacts.

(There is no consent of READ_CALL_LOG, READ_CONTACTS authorization)

The Most Effective Method to Begin :

1. To open a fan shape launcher by swiping your thumb at out of the side casings.

2. Discharge your thumb on an application which you might want to open.


  • Opening a window on different applications
  • Boot gadget communicate
  • Call telephone
  • Vibrate
  • Play in-application charging administration
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Full access to bluetooth
  • Change wifi state
  • Peruse wifi state
  • Compose outside capacity
  • Web
  • Peruse gadget system state
  • Wake lock


When giving authorizations of different applications, an overlay cautioning is issued and you can not give consent


You have to incidentally mood killer this application before giving consent for different applications.

(This is an Android OS detail to keep a malignant overlay application from naturally conceding consent)


The settings are not reflected and the showcase of the fan ends up temperamental


Reinstall the application. Or then again, if you don’t mind reset in experimental mode.

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