Assassin’s Creed Identity Game For Android

Assassin’s Creed Identity Game For Android

Fans of the world famous game franchise are interested in another adventure with their evil characters on Assassin’s Creed Identity. Discover a whole new world as you work on epic missions, including the most elite group of assassins. Learn more about this amazing game from Ubisoft Entertainment with our review.


The game introduces gamers to a realistic renaissance in Italy where you will have the opportunity to explore large maps on your own.

In this game, you are playing the role of an assassin, who accidentally discovers a group of sackers who disguise themselves as tax collectors. Through your investigative and clever killer skills, you have successfully eliminated them all with only one exception.

A thief managed to escape with the suspected chest. Start reporting the incident to headquarters and begin your search with the thief. Engage in all kinds of medieval activities, experience the life of a true killer.

You will be introduced to the crow gang, the sect of Satan. Complete dozens of different missions and slowly uncover the mystery of the mob. And learn more about the first civilization as the game progressed.

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Build and prepare your killer

In this amazing Ubisoft game, players will have access to all their interesting character customizations. Start by creating a unique hero with a variety of traits. Give your heroes a variety of weapons, from swords and daggers to famous hidden blades.

Different developing avenues for your killers

At the top of the list, there are different ways for each of your characters to develop their skills and abilities. That being said, you can choose between different routes according to your preferences. If you are interested in hand-to-hand combat, you can go for a Barsari and want to destroy hell with your opponents.

For true assassins, the Shadow Blade route should be the best for you as it offers amazing stealth abilities and good damage. This allows you to attack enemies whenever you want and give them just one blow.

And if you want to mess with your enemies a bit, the way you move allows you to learn more about the art of misdirection. Become a master and never let your opponents think.

And finally, if you find the art of stealing more interesting, then you may be on your way to stealing. Unlock incredible skills that allow you to steal quickly and efficiently whenever you want, and don’t get out of any situation.

Customize your assassins using different items

To give some style to your assassins, there are also many different customization options from which you can choose. Whenever you complete your mission, start by choosing the right loot, dress your characters in the best clothes you can find, and equip them with powerful weapons to your liking.

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With different weapons, your characters can develop different fighting styles, resulting in different skills. It is your job to know what it is and what it is about. Let’s get him ready for everything from a newbie assassin to a master of murder.

Simple easy and customizable controls for touch screen devices

In addition, the game includes intuitive touch buttons that allow you to freely use your characters, attack skills, and perform epic parodies. In addition, the simple gesture controls allow you a convenient and satisfying killer game. With simple and customizable controls, gamers are allowed to focus more on their gameplay.

Discover unlimited abilities with the game

Featuring a large number of different campaigns and queries, Assassin’s Creed Identity will always give gamers access to exciting gameplay. Challenge your skills and abilities in exciting and exciting missions as you go against incredible opponents. Travel to various places in medieval Italy.

Screenshot of elephant identification

On top of that, you will also be introduced to unlimited basic gameplay where your mobility will be unlimited. Feel free to jump, run, climb and jump from all levels and platforms. Contact gestures run very naturally and smoothly within the game.

Unlimited control options

In addition to simple touch controls, players can choose to play with their external gamepad. Enjoy console grade gameplay with your gamepad controller.

Enjoy intuitive online gameplay with friends

And for those who want to enjoy this amazing game with their friends, Assassin’s Creed Identity also offers interesting online gameplay. That being said, you can easily add your friends to epic co-option missions. Or, if you prefer, you can hire other online players to help you accomplish your goals.

Play games your language

It would be great if we all could enjoy our favorite games in our favorite languages. Understand this, the creators of Assassin’s Creed Identity have added dozens of different languages ​​to the game so that you can all enjoy it. Play games in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazil, Japanese and so on.

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