Angry Birds Epic Game For Android

Angry Birds Epic Game For Android

Angry Birds Epic is playing a great role in controlling the specific characters in the Angry Birds franchise when you play with them in an epic adventure.

The way you develop through Angry Birds Epic is linear. All you have to do is proceed through the scenes that are divided into levels where you encounter various enemies, all of which belong to the green pig race.

The combat system on Angry Birds Epic is very simple: you are trying to draw a line from your character towards your target so that it strikes normally. Likewise, if you tap lightly on your hero, it will defend itself from enemy attacks. Also, of course, you will have some special abilities.

As you would expect in a role-playing game, you can work on Angry Birds Epic to improve your character by purchasing new pieces of equipment such as weapons and ammunition, which can give you more health and more There could have been powerful attacks.

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Despite the fact that Angry Birds has lost in many games such as Classic or Angry Birds Evolution, Pig Pig has not given up its nefarious purpose of taking all the eggs from our Angry Birds. And this time King Leonard of Peggy Island has once again ordered his subordinates to devise another plan to steal eggs for themselves.

The game starts with Red and Chuck and they are protecting their precious eggs, when suddenly the evil pig attacks them and steals the eggs and takes Chuck with them. You’ll begin your journey by exploring Yellow Island, diving into unique turn-based battles, consolidating your characters, and making your way to the next level.

Try to save all your friends and get help along the way so that you can start building your final roster. Choose between different character classes and unlock more advanced levels for your characters. Use their unique skills and abilities to get rid of mischievous green pigs. Unlock special skills and abilities on your heroes and upgrade them to make them more capable.

Come up with the right team composition so that you can easily defeat the evil pig armies. Collect amazing valuables on the way and explore Paggi Island at its full location.


Enjoy an easy and exciting turn-based battle

To begin with, you will have access to amazing diversion battles with all kinds of weird and weird pig enemies. They each have their own strengths and abilities, which require some strategy and methods to overcome. That being said, you have to make good use of your character’s strengths with the right strategy to win. Challenge your enemies in an epic battle and win against them in the style of angry birds.

Various classes with unique abilities

To make the fight even more interesting, you can play several characters in the series, such as Red, Chuck, Stella, Terence and so on. Use your unique skills and abilities when you come up with different strategies and styles.

Each of your characters will have its own separate classes which will give them some options. With that, you can enjoy the game with your powerful knights and enemies, blow them with your magic attacks, and summon the forces of nature to help your Dravidian heroes.

And most importantly, they can be further strengthened by upgrading their classes. This will allow you to further increase the powers and abilities of angry birds.

Level up your heroes with incredible powers

Furthermore, your hero can be endowed with powerful and terrifying powers. Unlock the hidden powers of your heroes as you guide them to victory over epic villains like Prince Porky, Wise Pig, and Bad King Pig. Challenge them with your new hero in the adventures of Angry Birds.

Use the unique features of crafting

And to allow the game to unlock new powers, Angry Birds allows the game to take on a wide variety of crafting options, which can be used to create hundreds of different weapons and powerful colors. That being said, with the art of fighting pigs, you can also indulge in your craft and try to make powerful weapons to help your hero. Also, with this unique ability, you don’t have to waste your money on items and potatoes.

Unlock a set of rare and legendary devices for epic power

Along with standard equipment, the game also includes a set of epic tools that you can collect and use during your battles. That being said, you are allowed to complete a variety of legendary tool sets on your characters, which will set a good example for them and the team. Find yourself in full-blown characters with great attacks and incredibly flamboyant.

Enjoy Game with friends and online players

With the exciting offline mode, Angry Birds Epic gamers can enjoy playing in exciting field challenges with their friends or other online gamers. Fight yourself against the best rosters of Angry Birds and use your intelligence to win against them. Challenge other leagues for exciting league battles as you move from lower level to world class challenges where you can compete with the big boys.

Discover many events and challenges

And last but not least, the game offers amazing limited time events and challenges that you can choose to participate. Unlock awesome upgrades and rewards for your heroes while facing incredible successes and challenges. Remember, these events will neither last forever, nor awards.

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